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Alzheimer’s linked to faulty cellular “garbage disposal”...

Aug 26, 2015 by

There’s evidence that lysosomes, which are designed to digest and dispose of cellular garbage, may contribute to Alzheimer’s when they’re not working properly....

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Female stroke victims may benefit from uric acid

Aug 24, 2015 by

There’s evidence that 42% of women who have suffered a stroke and were treated with uric acid had little to no disability (vs. 29% treated with placebo)....

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Alzheimer’s traits vary by race

Aug 21, 2015 by

There’s new evidence that the pathologies and changes associated with Alzheimer’s may vary by race....

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Biological test may identify future literacy struggles

Aug 19, 2015 by

A study of preliterate children has found that those whose brains inefficiently process speech against a background of noise are more likely than their peers to have trouble with language development and reading when they get to school....

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A sniff test may lead to early autism diagnosis

Aug 17, 2015 by

A new study has found that children with autism sniff the same way regardless of whether presented with a good or bad odor....

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Midlife changes in spinal fluid may predict Alzheimer’s

Aug 14, 2015 by

Researchers found that people between 45 and 54 who had decreases in cerebrospinal beta-amyloid 42 were more likely to have brain plaques later....

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