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Why green space is good for kids’ brains

Oct 28, 2018 by

There’s new evidence that giving kids plenty of outside time helps their spatial working memory—the ability to retain visual information long enough to process it and put it to use in problem solving....

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Abnormal vision in childhood can affect brain functions

Oct 24, 2018 by

A team of researchers from University of British Columbia, the University of Auckland and the University of Waterloo found that abnormal visions in childhood, such as a lazy eye, can affect the development of higher-level brain areas responsible for...

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How does stress affect the brain?

Oct 20, 2018 by

New research from Harvard Medical School has found that people with high levels of blood cortisol (a hormone released in response to stress) had much poorer memory compared to people with normal levels. In addition, impaired memory was present...

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Concussions loosen insulation around brain cells

Oct 2, 2018 by

Despite the hockey players feeling fine and being deemed ready to return to the ice, scans found that the protective fatty tissue surrounding their brain fibers had been loosened—two weeks after the injury....

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