Researchers close in on CTE diagnosis in living humans

Sep 30, 2018 by

A team of researchers at the VA Boston Healthcare System is closing in on being able to diagnose CTE in living humans....

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Researchers find aging brain can still grow, regenerate cells...

Sep 28, 2018 by

A new report published in the journal Cell Stem Cell says that the aging brain can still grow and regenerate new cells....

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How a pacemaker in the brain could ease autism traits

Sep 26, 2018 by

New research theorizes that applying gentle electrical pulses to the brain might align errant neurological signals–maybe in collaboration with drugs to support the brain’s activity-coordinating mechanisms–in order to help autism....

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Use of ADHD medication in Hong Kong has risen 36-fold in 15 years...

Sep 24, 2018 by

Department of Health figures now report that 6.4% of children and adolescents are affected by ADHD in Hong Kong and the use of stimulant meds has increased 36-fold I the last 15 years....

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Autism prognosis: Parenting genes incredibly useful

Sep 22, 2018 by

New research has determined that while one main gene may make an individual susceptible to autism or another neurodevelopmental disorder, it’s the whole collection of associated changes in their DNA that decides whether they develop it and how severe...

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Eating fiber can delay brain aging

Sep 20, 2018 by

A new study has found that eating fiber-rich foods, such a broccoli, nuts, oats, beans and whole-grain bread, might help delay brain aging by triggering the production of a short-chain fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties.

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