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Algorithm could predict Alzheimer’s risk years before symptoms occur...

Oct 30, 2017 by

Researcher at McGill University in Canada have developed an algorithm that may be able to predict a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s years before the onset of symptoms....

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Dancing may help combat brain aging

Oct 28, 2017 by

In a study of adults between ages 63 and 80, researchers found that those who took 90 minutes of dance lessons each week (compared to a group that did 90 minutes of strength-endurance training) saw greater signs of reversing...

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A critical link between ADHD and sleeplessness

Oct 26, 2017 by

Where once ADHD and sleep problems were considered two separate issues, researchers are now suggesting that there may be a stronger link between the two....

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Just 25 minutes of yoga, meditation boosts brain function

Oct 24, 2017 by

New research from Canada has found that, compared to reading for 25 minutes, practicing Hatha yoga or mindfulness meditation for just 25 minutes can significantly increase energy levels and boost brain function....

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People with autism less surprised by the unexpected

Oct 22, 2017 by

A study of 24 adults with autism and 25 without, researchers found that those with autism were less surprised by unexpected images in a simple learning task than adults without it....

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Moderate drinking linked to cognitive health

Oct 20, 2017 by

Research on middle-class adults in the U.S. has found that moderate drinking in older adults reduces the risk of cognitive impairments....

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