What’s LearningRx? Watch the video!

Nov 23, 2016 by

What is LearningRx personal brain training and why does it work? LearningRx one-on-one brain training focuses on a set of seven cognitive skills that allow us to learn easier, think faster, and perform better: http://www.learningrx.com. This video explains what these...

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LearningRx brain training improved IQ by 21 points

Aug 23, 2016 by

The results of a randomized controlled trial (RCT), published recently in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, support the efficacy of the ThinkRx® one-on-one cognitive training program in improving cognitive skills and IQ scores in students ages 8 to 14...

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ADHD medication overdoses rising in the U.S.

Jan 21, 2021 by

A new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that a growing number of younger kids are overdosing on stimulant medications commonly used to treat ADHD....

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People with high ADHD traits more vulnerable to insomnia

Jan 18, 2021 by

A new study from Karolinska Institutet published in the journal Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging reports that individuals with high ADHD traits that don’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis are less able to perform tasks involving attentional...

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Researchers find visual dictionary in the brain for reading

Jan 14, 2021 by

Scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have identified a crucial region in the temporal lobe, known as the mid-fusiform cortex, which appears to act as the brain’s visual dictionary. They found that our ability...

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Brain area revealed to manage learning

Jan 11, 2021 by

A paper published in the journal Science explains a critical role for a brain area called the perirhinal cortex in managing a critical learning process. The research was a collaboration between University of Ottawa and Humbolt University of Berlin...

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Newly discovered mutations linked to early onset dementia

Jan 7, 2021 by

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have discovered mutations associated with early onset dementia. They found that adult-onset ALSP (Leukoencephalopathy with axonal Spheroids and Pigmented glia), an ultra-rare condition, manifests initially with psychiatric and behavioral changes, followed by a rapid...

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Video game can identify attention deficit symptoms

Jan 4, 2021 by

Scientists have developed a platform that allows them to identify and evaluate the degree of ADHD in children and adolescents. Using a traditional endless runner video game with a raccoon protagonists, the researchers adapted the game so they could...

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Astrocytes eat connections to maintain adult brain plasticity...

Dec 31, 2020 by

A team of researchers from Korea have discovered the mechanism underlying plasticity in adult brains. The discovery, which was published in the journal Nature, may help scientists better understand neurological disorders....

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