Older Adults Share Fewer Memories as They Age

Jul 14, 2020 by

In a sad but telling piece of research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, scientists used a smartphone app to listen in on the conversations of older adults and found that the older someone is, the less...

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Playtime With Dad May Improve Children’s Self-Control

Jul 10, 2020 by

In a fascinating new study from the University of Cambridge, researchers found that children whose fathers make time to play with them from a very young age may find it easier to control their behavior and emotions as they...

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Why We Remember Some Words More Than Others

Jul 7, 2020 by

Researchers at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke have discovered that our brains may recall some common simple words—such as “pig,” “door” and “tank” more often than other common simple words, such as “cat,” “stair,” and “street.”...

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Alzheimer’s Gene Risk Triggers Damage to Blood-Brain Barrier...

Jun 30, 2020 by

Although scientists have known for a while that the APOE4 gene is a risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s, researchers at the University of Southern California recently discovered that the variant is also linked to damage to the blood-brain barrier....

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The Link Between Brain Fog and Depression

Jun 11, 2020 by

New research indicates that depressive episodes may lead to cognitive changes called “brain fog” and some medications may actually make the problem worse....

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Targeted Lifestyle Changes Could Delay Memory Loss

Jun 9, 2020 by

If you’re looking to delay memory loss, you may want to implement some targeted lifestyle changes. That’s because a new study from King College London in the UK found that changes to diet and exercise may influence brain aging...

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Attention may falter after just one high-fat meal

Jun 4, 2020 by

A team of researchers from The Ohio State University found that eating just one meal high in saturated fat can decrease your ability to focus. The study was done on all women....

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