African American kids at higher odds for ADHD

Oct 13, 2020 by

A review of 21 published studies found that 14.5% of Black children had ADHD compared to only 9.4% of all U.S. children. The study also found racial disparities in terms of teachers reporting more symptoms for Black youth than...

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Endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to ADHD-related behaviors...

Oct 1, 2020 by

A team of U.S. researchers found that exposure to chemicals that interfere with endocrines may increase the risk of developing ADHD. These chemicals are found in some personal care products, pharmaceuticals and packaging and food processing equipment....

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Two types of amphetamines show to treat adult ADHD

Sep 29, 2020 by

New research presented at the Psych Congress Virtual Experience showed that two types of amphetamines created significant symptoms improvement in adults with ADHD. The treatment is currently under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. New Research: Two...

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Prenatal depression can alter child’s brain connectivity

Sep 8, 2020 by

Research published in JNeurosci indicates that prenatal depression can alter the baby’s brain connectivity and later, affect behavior....

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ADHD-like behavior may help spur entrepreneurial activity

Aug 27, 2020 by

While not advocating to deprive yourself of sleep in order to get ahead, researchers at the University of Central Florida have found that symptoms resembling ADHD may help spur entrepreneurial activity....

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Regular exercise enhances cognition in children

Aug 10, 2020 by

The results from three experiments showed that the benefits of regular exercise on cognition were greater in kids who have poor cognitive skills. This was especially true with executive function....

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High-fat foods may reduce concentration

Aug 6, 2020 by

Research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition adds to previous research about the gut-brain connection. The study found that our ability to concentrate is reduced in the hours after eating a meal that is high in saturated...

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