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Untreated ADHD in adults

Mar 26, 2021 by

Most people don’t “outgrow” attention deficits and many adults with ADHD symptoms don’t receive a diagnosis of the condition. Without treatment, adults can see their work performance, mental health and relationships impacted by ADHD....

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Framework to study brain connectivity in living organisms

Dec 22, 2020 by

A paper published in Nature Scientific Reports indicates lays out a large medical analytics framework that can be used in neuroscience and neurology to study brain connectivity in living organisms....

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Prenatal depression can alter child’s brain connectivity

Sep 8, 2020 by

Research published in JNeurosci indicates that prenatal depression can alter the baby’s brain connectivity and later, affect behavior....

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Boosting learning and memory while you sleep—with scents

Mar 3, 2020 by

New research has found that the strategic use of certain scents while learning and during sleep appears to improve exam performance. The results showed that using fragrance can work in everyday life—not just in a clinical setting....

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Wearable devices reduces memory loss in Alzheimer’s

Oct 11, 2019 by

Scientists with medical device company NeuroEM Therapeutics have designed a wearable device that improves memory loss. Although the study of the device was small—only eight people—the device, which emits electromagnetic impulses—significantly improved memory loss in seven of the volunteers...

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Brain Training With Neurofeedback Strengthens the Brain

Jun 10, 2019 by

A new study published in Neuroimage found that less than one hour of brain training with neurofeedback can strengthen neural connections and communication between brain regions....

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Sudokus and Crosswords Sharpen the Brain for Adults 50 and Over...

Jun 6, 2019 by

Research on more than 19,000 participants found that the more regularly adults 50 and over did Sudoku and crosswords, the better than brain function. The results were published in two linked papers in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry....

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