Brain wiring is different in children with conduct disorder

Apr 28, 2019 by

Children with severe antisocial behaviors—also known as conduct disorder—may be wired different than kids without it. New research found that the writing between the brain’s emotional centers has distinctively different pathways in young people with the condition....

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No school interventions for 1 in 3 kids with ADHD

Mar 28, 2019 by

Lehigh University researchers found that one in three students with ADHD received no school-based interventions and two of three received no classroom management....

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Urinary fluoride levels linked to ADHD

Feb 12, 2019 by

A team of researchers from York University and the University of Toronto found that higher levels of urinary fluoride during pregnancy are linked to more ADHD-like symptoms in school-age children. The study was funded by the National Institute of...

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How bullying affects the brain

Jan 6, 2019 by

New research shoes that kids and teens who are chronically bullied have physical structural changes in the brain, affecting attention, motivation, reward sensitivity, conditioning and emotional processing....

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Attention training improves IQ and functioning of children’s brain...

Jan 2, 2019 by

Researchers in Spain found that computer-based attention-training intervention boosts IQ scores and brain functioning on preschool children....

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ADHD Impact Underestimated by Parents

Nov 8, 2018 by

Research presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that the perceived burden of symptoms of ADHD is higher among children and adolescents than their caregivers know....

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Abnormal vision in childhood can affect brain functions

Oct 24, 2018 by

A team of researchers from University of British Columbia, the University of Auckland and the University of Waterloo found that abnormal visions in childhood, such as a lazy eye, can affect the development of higher-level brain areas responsible for...

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