Brain training may help treat schizophrenia

Dec 23, 2018 by

A new study published in journal NeuroImage indicates that targeted cognitive training appears to improve auditory perception and verbal learning in people with a particular kind of schizophrenia....

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Playing football in high school changes the brain

Dec 12, 2018 by

Researchers have discovered that just a single season of high school football appears to be enough to cause microscopic changes in the brain’s structure....

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Zinc linked to autism

Dec 10, 2018 by

Research published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience indicates that a zinc deficiency in early childhood might contribute to autism spectrum disorder....

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Diabetes drug may treat Alzheimer’s

Dec 8, 2018 by

Future Alzheimer’s treatments may be in the works thanks to a new study determining that antidiabetes medication appears to protect the brain against Alzheimer’s....

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How coffee protects the brain

Dec 6, 2018 by

A team of researchers have discovered that certain compounds released when coffee beans are being roasted help protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline....

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AI predicts onset of Alzheimer’s

Dec 4, 2018 by

At the University of California in San Francisco, researchers taught an algorithm to identify features of Alzheimer’s using brain scans in order to accurately predict the disease years before a final diagnosis....

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Key protein boosts memory in adult brain

Dec 2, 2018 by

Although scientists have known that the protein netrin plays an important role in early neural development, new research indicates that it’s also essential for adults’ learning and memory function....

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