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How the brain adapts after injury

Jan 18, 2022 by

A University of Gottingen study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has found that the brain compensates after damage (e.g., a stroke) by reorganizing itself. The extracellular matrix loosens and depending if the brain is healthy or diseased, this...

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Brain lesions on MRI linked to years of playing football

Dec 14, 2021 by

By comparing MRIs from the brains of athletes who played contact sports while they’re alive to their brains at autopsy, scientists were able to see white matter hyperintensities associated with neuropathological changes....

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History of concussions may change youths’ brains

Sep 16, 2021 by

A new study published in the journal Neurology suggests that athletes with a history of concussion may show more brain injury from a later concussion. This is particularly true in the middle regions of the brain, which are more...

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Brain changes from TBI similar to Alzheimer’s

May 11, 2021 by

A team at the University of Southern California found that brain changes in people with Alzheimer’s and in those with mild TBIs have significant similarities....

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Sound sleep helps heal traumatic brain injuries

Apr 15, 2021 by

A new study published in the “Journal of Neurotrauma” has found that sound sleep plays a critical role in healing traumatic brain injury....

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Neuroprotective treatment on mice with TBI reversed cognitive impairment...

Nov 10, 2020 by

Researchers from University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center have found that it may be possible to halt or slow neurodegeneration in TBI survivors. The scientists were able to pharmacologically reverse cognitive impairment in animal models....

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