Stress in pregnancy may influence baby’s brain development

Dec 10, 2020 by

A team from the University of Edinburgh found that infants’ brains may be shaped by levels of stress their mother experiences during pregnancy....

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Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may raise ADHD risk

Mar 19, 2020 by

If you or someone you love is pregnant, make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin D. New research from the University of Turku in Finland has found that the risk of ADHD is 34% higher in children if the...

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Maternal Stress May Affect Baby’s Brain Development

Nov 7, 2019 by

Researchers from King’s College London have found that maternal stress before and during pregnancy may affect the baby’s brain development. They found that, in stressed pregnant women, there was evidence of impaired development in the white matter tract in...

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Fluoride Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Low IQ in Offspring...

Sep 20, 2019 by

With an estimated 66% of Americans receiving fluoridated water through their taps, tooth decay has been a declining problem. But new research from York University in Toronto has found that maternal exposure to fluoride during pregnancy may be linked...

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Supplements during pregnancy may reduce autism risk

Jan 24, 2018 by

A large-scale study has concluded that pregnant women who took folic acid had a decreased risk of offspring developing autism spectrum disorder....

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LearningRx reviews study on pregnancy, licorice and ADHD

Jun 20, 2017 by

Licorice intake during pregnancy linked to ADHD in offspring New research indicates that women who consume a lot of licorice during pregnancy may be more likely to have offspring who develop ADHD....

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