The 13 factors that shape brain health

Mar 24, 2021 by

The American Heart Association has outlined a list of 13 crucial factors that affect the maintenance of cognitive abilities....

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Regular caffeine intake can change brain’s gray matter

Mar 2, 2021 by

A team of researchers from the University of Basel have found that, although temporary, regular caffeine intake can physically change the gray matter of the brain....

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Sleep is vital to associating emotion with memory

Feb 26, 2021 by

Researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed that sleep tattoos memories into your brain. The team found that groups of neurons activated during prior learning, especially when emotion is involved....

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Astrocytes eat connections to maintain adult brain plasticity...

Dec 31, 2020 by

A team of researchers from Korea have discovered the mechanism underlying plasticity in adult brains. The discovery, which was published in the journal Nature, may help scientists better understand neurological disorders....

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Using feet may reshape the brain

Mar 24, 2020 by

For people without arms or those recovering from a stroke, using your feet may help reshape your brain. In fact, certain areas of the brain lit up on fMRIs when the toes of “foot artists” were stimulated, indicated that...

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Complaining rewires your brain

Mar 17, 2020 by

Patterns become imbedding in your brain and complaining is no exception. Stanford University researcher showed that complaining actually shrinks the hippocampus. That’s the area of the brain we need for intelligent thought and problem-solving....

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