Chronic pain linked to increase risk of dementia

Sep 14, 2017 by

UC San Francisco researchers have found that chronic pain seems to be related to changes in the brain that lead to dementia....

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People with chronic pain may have impaired neuroplasticity

May 2, 2014 by

In a recent study, researchers found that while people with no history of chronic pain got better at a certain task with training and had neuroplastic changes in their brains, those with chronic pain had did not get better...

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Sensitivity to pain linked to amount of gray matter in brain

Feb 17, 2014 by

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center discovered that people with the highest pain intensity rating have less gray matter in the brain regions associated with internal thoughts and attention control....

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Post-op pain may cause more problems with learning and memory...

Dec 10, 2013 by

Pain from a surgical incision may increase the risk of learning and memory problems in the days following the surgery....

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Math anxiety may cause physical pain

Nov 4, 2012 by

People who are anxious about math may experience physical pain and “instinctive risk detection.” That’s because math anxiety triggers regions of the brain associated with pain. In one study, these results were found on adults, so it’s not just...

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