Saturated fatty acids increase when making memories

Jul 6, 2021 by

Researchers at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute have discovered that saturated fatty acid levels unexpectedly rise in the brain during memory formation. Typically, in a kitchen setting, saturated fats, like coconut oil and butter, stay solid at room temperature. In...

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Wearable devices reduces memory loss in Alzheimer’s

Oct 11, 2019 by

Scientists with medical device company NeuroEM Therapeutics have designed a wearable device that improves memory loss. Although the study of the device was small—only eight people—the device, which emits electromagnetic impulses—significantly improved memory loss in seven of the volunteers...

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UCLA awarded $15 million for TBI project

Aug 1, 2014 by

UCLA has just been awarded $15 million for a four-year project that hopes to restore brain function after memory loss from brain injury....

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Discovery of major cause of age-related memory loss

Sep 21, 2013 by

According to researchers from Columbia University Medical Center, a protein deficiency in the brain is behind much of age-related memory loss. In addition, the team says the discovery has strong causal evidence that Alzheimer’s and age-related memory loss are...

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Neuroscientists reverse memory loss

Apr 20, 2013 by

It’s not just how you train your brain, but also when. At the Univ. of Texas, neuroscientists actually REVERSED memory loss! They figured out when the cells were primed for learning, then retrained them. The study’s co-author figured out...

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