Damage to brain may continue after sobriety

Apr 16, 2019 by

For people with alcohol use disorder, researchers found that the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain may continue during abstinence. Specifically, the research team found that the brain’s white matter continues to occur damage in the first six...

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Moderate drinking linked to cognitive health

Oct 20, 2017 by

Research on middle-class adults in the U.S. has found that moderate drinking in older adults reduces the risk of cognitive impairments....

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Moderate drinking linked to cognitive decline

Sep 6, 2017 by

A new study out of the UK found that even moderate alcohol consumption is linked to a greater risk of faster cognitive decline....

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Moderate drinking may reduce early-stage Alzheimer’s rates

Dec 18, 2015 by

Research published in BNJ Online indicates that drinking 2-3 unites of alcohol a day may reduce the risk of death in patients with early-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s....

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Teen drinking impacts memory and learning long term

Jun 22, 2015 by

Adolescents who drink heavily may cause long-lasting damage to a part of the brain that deals with memory and learning....

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Teen binge drinking changes the brain long term

Dec 24, 2014 by

There’s new evidence that binge drinking during adolescence can have a negative effect on brain function later in life....

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