How bullying affects the brain

Jan 6, 2019 by

New research shoes that kids and teens who are chronically bullied have physical structural changes in the brain, affecting attention, motivation, reward sensitivity, conditioning and emotional processing....

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Technology disrupts sleep

Dec 26, 2018 by

New research indicates that certain cells in the eye that are sensitive to light can reset the internal clock in our bodies when exposed to light. The study points to the idea that screen time before bed–such as the...

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Newly discovered brain region

Dec 24, 2018 by

Scientists have discovered a new part of the brain located in the inferior cerebellar peduncle. Called the Endorestiform Nucleus, the area is believed to control fine motor skills....

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Brain training may help treat schizophrenia

Dec 23, 2018 by

A new study published in journal NeuroImage indicates that targeted cognitive training appears to improve auditory perception and verbal learning in people with a particular kind of schizophrenia....

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A flexible aorta might slow brain aging

Jul 10, 2018 by

The lead author in a new study believes that a more elastic aorta protects cognitive function by decreasing the negative effects of excessive blood pressure on the brain....

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Late menopause may help protect memory

Apr 22, 2018 by

Research from the University of London found that the age at which a woman starts menopause influences her memory performance later in life....

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