Brain wiring is different in children with conduct disorder

Apr 28, 2019 by

Children with severe antisocial behaviors—also known as conduct disorder—may be wired different than kids without it. New research found that the writing between the brain’s emotional centers has distinctively different pathways in young people with the condition....

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Damage to brain may continue after sobriety

Apr 16, 2019 by

For people with alcohol use disorder, researchers found that the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain may continue during abstinence. Specifically, the research team found that the brain’s white matter continues to occur damage in the first six...

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Reminders of coffee may perk up brain

Apr 12, 2019 by

A team of researchers exploring the psychological effects of coffee found that for people who grew up in a Western culture thought in more precise terms and felt that time went by faster after being shown coffee-related cues. The...

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Boosting brain health with a 5-minute breathing workout

Apr 8, 2019 by

A new study indicates that Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training appears to boost physical and cognitive performance and cardiovascular health. The technique involves inhaling through a resistive hand-held device 30 times (30 inhalations) per day....

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How bullying affects the brain

Jan 6, 2019 by

New research shoes that kids and teens who are chronically bullied have physical structural changes in the brain, affecting attention, motivation, reward sensitivity, conditioning and emotional processing....

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Technology disrupts sleep

Dec 26, 2018 by

New research indicates that certain cells in the eye that are sensitive to light can reset the internal clock in our bodies when exposed to light. The study points to the idea that screen time before bed–such as the...

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