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10-Minute Run Boosts Brain Function and Improves Mood

Feb 15, 2022 by

A new study out of Japan has found that running for just 10 minutes improves blood flow in the prefrontal cortex and improves mood. In addition, the short session appears to improve the brain’s executive function, which includes attention,...

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12 Foods to Boost Brain Function

Dec 28, 2020 by

Our brains use around 20% of our body’s calories but require specific nutrients to stay healthy. These include things like omega-3 fatty acids, which build and repair brain cells, as well as antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and cellular stress....

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Foods That Boost Brain Function

Mar 10, 2019 by

An article reviewing the scientific evidence behind 12 foods that may help improve brain function include not only the items, but also why they may help. The foods’ benefits may assist in boosting memory, concentration and the structure of...

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Long-term alcohol dependence affects cognitive abilities

Nov 27, 2016 by

Research published in Research Society on Alcoholism found that a lifetime history of alcohol dependence is linked to lasting negative consequences for neurocognitive function....

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Hidden gene may help strengthen brain function

Apr 29, 2015 by

Researchers have found that a gene called Gomafu might act as a surveillance system of sorts, allowing the brain to change rapidly if necessary....

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Boosting self-repair in early Alzheimer’s may help later...

Aug 5, 2014 by

The results of a new study indicates that boosting self-repair and the ability to make new brain cells in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s may preserve brain function later....

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