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Effectiveness of brain training in a school setting

Jun 18, 2013 by

Summary of Findings from a Study on the Effectiveness of LearningRx Brain
Training in a School Setting

In a study led by Dr. Oliver W. Hill, chair of the Virginia State University psychology department, 57 high school students were randomly selected to participate in brain training programs in a school setting. Dr. Hill and team members Dr. Zewelanji Serpell and Omar Faison (professors in the Virginia State University departments of Psychology and Biology, respectively) wrote about their findings in a paper entitled Summary of Findings from a Randomized Control Study on the Efficacy of the LearningRx and Brainskills Cognitive Training Programs in a School Setting. In the study, students were randomly assigned to three different groups. Each student in the first group met individually with a LearningRx brain trainer for one-on-one brain training five hours a week for 15 weeks. Using a program called BrainSkills, a second group did digital brain training on a computer five hours a week for 15 weeks. A control group did not receive any brain training. Researchers found that, in four out of 11 cognitive skills, students who did BrainSkills digital brain training showed significant development over students in the control group. Students who received one-on-one training with a LearningRx brain trainer, however, outperformed both groups. These students demonstrated significant development in nine out of 11 cognitive skills over control group students. These findings are significant for parents and educators who are looking for proven interventions for children and teens who are demonstrating one or more weak cognitive skills. Download the full study here: