Chemistry team creates self-renewing antioxidant

Nov 24, 2013 by

In what could prove to be of great benefit to those with TBIs and Alzheimer’s, scientists at Rice University used the properties of an element found in a car’s catalytic converter to create a self-renewing antioxidant....

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Veterans with blast-induced TBIs report poorer vision

Nov 23, 2013 by

Veterans who received a TBI from a blast reported poorer vision than not only healthy individuals, but also people with known eye diseases....

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Birth preps brain for development

Nov 22, 2013 by

Researchers in Japan recently discovered that the act of birth appears to decrease a certain brain chemical, thereby triggering sensory maps to prepare the baby to be able to survive outside its mother....

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Retired NFL players’ brains show unusual activity

Nov 21, 2013 by

A new study published in “Scientific Reports” found that retired American football  players have “profound abnormalities” in brain activity....

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Oreos as addictive as cocaine or morphine

Nov 20, 2013 by

A professor and his students at Connecticut College found that for lab rats, Oreo cookies appear to be as addictive as cocaine or morphine....

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Learning dialects activates different brain hemispheres

Nov 19, 2013 by

A new study found that the pitch-accent in words pronounced in standard Japanese lights up different areas of the brain, depending on what dialect the listener speaks....

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