Cholesterol plays a role in Alzheimer’s

May 20, 2018 by

A study led by the University of Cambridge found that cholesterol caused amyloid-beta clusters to develop 20 times faster than they would have otherwise....

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Serotonin receptor may be the key to boosting memory

May 17, 2018 by

Scientists at Columbia University Irving Medical Center found that when serotonin release was increased, mice’s spatial memory improved. If a drug could be designed to enhance serotonin activity in specific receptors in the hippocampus, it may help people retail...

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Can beets help Alzheimer’s?

May 2, 2018 by

A pigment found in beets called “betanin” may help the keep the brain from accumulating clusters of amino acids called “amyloid beta” that lead to Alzheimer’s....

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Low dopamine may indicate early Alzheimer’s

Apr 30, 2018 by

A link between the loss of dopamine-firing cells and the brain’s inability to form new memories has been discovered....

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Micro concussions may alter football players’ brains

Apr 28, 2018 by

Increasing evidence supports the idea that brains with subconcussive impacts, also known as “micro concussions,” have measurable differences compared to brains that have received no micro concussions....

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Brain’s “immune memory” may lead to Alzheimer’s...

Apr 24, 2018 by

There’s new evidence that the immune cells of the central nervous system, called “microglia,” can remember inflammation and therefore influence how the cells react to new stimuli and deal with brain plaque....

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Late menopause may help protect memory

Apr 22, 2018 by

Research from the University of London found that the age at which a woman starts menopause influences her memory performance later in life....

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