ADHD may be linked to some eye conditions

Aug 5, 2021 by

A review of children found a link between ADHD and some specific visual impairments, including astigmatic refractive error, convergence insufficiency and color perception issues....

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Abnormal vision in childhood can affect brain functions

Oct 24, 2018 by

A team of researchers from University of British Columbia, the University of Auckland and the University of Waterloo found that abnormal visions in childhood, such as a lazy eye, can affect the development of higher-level brain areas responsible for...

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How an eye test could detect Alzheimer’s

Nov 3, 2017 by

Researchers have developed an optical imaging system that can detect a hallmark of Alzheimer’s, bringing us closer to being able to diagnose the disease through a routine visit to the optician....

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Juggling may help us understand brain disorders

Mar 23, 2014 by

Researchers believe that juggling may help them better understand how vision and sense of touch control the way we (and animals) move our limbs repetitively....

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Brain classifies what it sees in just 13 milliseconds

Feb 15, 2014 by

Neuroscientists at MIT discovered that unlike previous reports suggesting that the brain can process images in 100 milliseconds, it can actually classify an image in just 13 milliseconds....

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Veterans with blast-induced TBIs report poorer vision

Nov 23, 2013 by

Veterans who received a TBI from a blast reported poorer vision than not only healthy individuals, but also people with known eye diseases....

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