Benefits of reading vs. screen time

Feb 20, 2020 by

New studies done by the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center of Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital found startling differences in the brains of preschoolers who spend an average of two hours a day playing on technology vs. being read to by...

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How technology is affecting our brains

Jun 27, 2019 by

Researchers from five universities around the globe looked at the effects the online world is having on human brains. They found that doing multiple things online did not improve people’s ability to multitask elsewhere. They also found that being...

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Technology disrupts sleep

Dec 26, 2018 by

New research indicates that certain cells in the eye that are sensitive to light can reset the internal clock in our bodies when exposed to light. The study points to the idea that screen time before bed–such as the...

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Fitness wearable primes athletes’ bodies for hyper-learning...

Feb 2, 2018 by

Special tech-wearables can now get their motor cortex “neuroprimed” before a training session to help their brain learn the movement they practiced at an accelerated rate....

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New technologies hoping to repair cognition

Jun 7, 2016 by

New technologies are mapping our understanding of cognition and helping us improve memory and learning in patients with cognitive deficits....

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Computer usage might reduce cognitive decline later in life

Apr 13, 2016 by

There’s new evidence that using a computer might help our brains—not hurt them—as we age....

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