Therapy dogs enhance college students’ thinking skills

Jul 20, 2021 by

A new piece of research from Washington State University has found that programs focused on petting therapy dogs increased the thinking and planning skills of stressed-out college students better than programs that included traditional stress-management information....

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Stress in pregnancy may influence baby’s brain development

Dec 10, 2020 by

A team from the University of Edinburgh found that infants’ brains may be shaped by levels of stress their mother experiences during pregnancy....

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Stress Alters Communication in the Brain

May 22, 2020 by

New research from LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine found that brain cells that regulate neuronal communication (called “astrocytes”) show long-term degradation from stress....

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Maternal Stress May Affect Baby’s Brain Development

Nov 7, 2019 by

Researchers from King’s College London have found that maternal stress before and during pregnancy may affect the baby’s brain development. They found that, in stressed pregnant women, there was evidence of impaired development in the white matter tract in...

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Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline in elderly

Oct 16, 2019 by

Two studies from Rutgers University looked at perceived stress and cognitive decline. They found that perceived stress may hurt oral health. This, in turn, may lead to cognitive decline, especially among the elderly. Both of the research papers from...

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LearningRx reviews study on how retrieval practice may protect memory...

Mar 9, 2017 by

Tufts University researchers found that taking practice tests—compared to just restudying material—countered the adverse effects of stress on memory....

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