Benefits of reading vs. screen time

Feb 20, 2020 by

New studies done by the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center of Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital found startling differences in the brains of preschoolers who spend an average of two hours a day playing on technology vs. being read to by...

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Age that child starts school may impact risk of ADHD diagnosis...

Apr 10, 2016 by

Researchers studying preschool and elementary school kids found that those born in August (the youngest in their class) were more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and receive medication, compared to those born in September (the oldest in their...

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Delaying school for kids born prematurely doesn’t help

Apr 2, 2016 by

Although children born before 34 weeks gestation tend to have worse math and reading skills, putting them in school at a later age doesn’t seem to be the best answer....

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Improving your toddler’s memory now has long-term benefits

Feb 18, 2016 by

New research found that preschoolers who scored lower on memory tasks are likely to score higher on a dropout risk scale at age 12....

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Guilt and depression in preschool years may shrink part of the brain...

Dec 8, 2014 by

Kids who were diagnosed with depression between 3 and 6 have a smaller brain region that’s involved in emotion than their non-depressed peers.

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Early childhood programs strengthen long-term cognition

Jul 24, 2014 by

All around the world, early childhood programs increase long-term cognitive benefits....

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