Math ability predicted by neurotransmitter levels

Sep 7, 2021 by

Researchers have discovered that a person’s math ability might be linked to levels of two chemical messengers in the brain: glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Oddly enough, the correlations were reversed in adults (lower GABA and higher glutamate =...

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How Alzheimer’s affects sleep

Sep 2, 2021 by

Sleep patterns tend to change with age but for those with Alzheimer’s, it’s more complex. They may experience sleep disturbances and disorders, changes to their sleep cycle, and shorter or fragmented sleep....

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Digital pens provide insight into cognitive testing results

Aug 24, 2021 by

New research from Boston University School of Medicine used digital pens and digital voice recorders to capture differences in participants’ performance while completing a cognitive test. They found that differences in thinking versus writing time on a symbol coding...

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Handwriting beats typing and watching videos for learning to read...

Aug 19, 2021 by

A new study out of Johns Hopkins University indicates that handwriting helps people learn certain skills surprisingly faster and significantly better than learning the same material through typing or watching videos....

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Adult ADHD linked to numerous physical conditions

Aug 17, 2021 by

New research from the Karolinska Institutet found that adults with ADHD are at higher risk of a wide range of physical conditions, including metabolic, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases....

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Air pollution tied to poor academics in childhood

Aug 10, 2021 by

New research from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found that children exposed to elevated levels of air pollution may be more likely to have poor inhibitory control during late childhood and poor academic skills in early adolescence,...

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