Scientists pinpoint the uncertainty of working memory

Oct 12, 2021 by

A paper published in the journal Neuron, the human brain regions that are responsible for working memory content are also used to gauge the quality (uncertainty) of memories. Their research shows how these neural responses allow us to act...

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Flipping the brain between random and strategic thinking

Oct 23, 2014 by

Researchers have shown that the brain is able to temporarily disconnect past experiences from decision-making regions, leading to random behavior....

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Researcher identifies decision-making center of brain

Apr 21, 2014 by

An associate professor of psychology at the University of Georgia has identified distinct profiles of brain activity that are present when making decisions (in this case, about choosing to consume alcohol)....

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Researchers find decision-making region of brain

Dec 15, 2013 by

Researchers from Canada have discovered that the lateral habenula is the region of the brain that makes cost-benefit decisions. The lateral habenula is one of the smallest regions of the brain and, by evolutionary terms, one of the oldest....

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