Early biomarkers may predict Alzheimer’s onset

Nov 2, 2021 by

New research published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine has revealed that circulating microRNAs, which are easily measured blood proteins, may identify the early risk of Alzheimer’s. Targeting these microscopic nucleotides for therapy could delay the onset of dementia...

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Determining age-related memory loss from disease

Oct 9, 2013 by

Cornell researchers have discovered how to determine if a person’s memory decline is just “normal” age-related cognitive decline or a more serious memory-related disease like Alzheimer’s....

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Discovery of major cause of age-related memory loss

Sep 21, 2013 by

According to researchers from Columbia University Medical Center, a protein deficiency in the brain is behind much of age-related memory loss. In addition, the team says the discovery has strong causal evidence that Alzheimer’s and age-related memory loss are...

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Age-related cognitive decline might not be inevitable

Sep 9, 2013 by

Good news! Age-related cognitive decline might not be inevitable. New research suggests that things like diet, mental activity, brain training, exercise and perhaps even medication can help....

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Hot cocoa for memory decline?

Sep 7, 2013 by

Older people who drink two cups of hot cocoa a day may actually be preventing memory decline. That’s because it preserves blood flow in working areas of the brain.           ...

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Introducing … Superagers!

Aug 18, 2012 by

You’ve heard of Superman, Super 8 and even Super Mario Brothers, but SuperAgers? Yep, they’re real and these elderly smarties take their name from the fact that their brains look and act decades younger than they are. Don’t challenge...

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