Cognitive Training with Supplemental Digital Delivery for Soldiers with TBI: Functional Results

Sep 1, 2016 by

Abstract: As part of the quasi-experimental, pretest-posttest feasibility study with 11 soldiers between

3 and 36 months post traumatic brain injury, researchers collected personal pre-intervention

goals from each participant. At the completion of the study, researchers collected self-reported

improvements from each participant. The results reveal a variety of improvements beyond the initial

training goals.


Reference: Ledbetter, C., Moore, A. L. , & Mitchell, T. (2016). A feasibility study of one-on-one cognitive training with supplemental digital delivery for soldiers with traumatic brain injury. Full manuscript in preparation.

The full results can be found in LearningRx’s 48-page 2016 edition of “Client Outcomes and Research Results.”