Gesturing may determine risks for delays

Jul 25, 2014 by

Studying how kids gesture at an early age may help identify those at risk for delays in speech and cognitive development....

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Early childhood programs strengthen long-term cognition

Jul 24, 2014 by

All around the world, early childhood programs increase long-term cognitive benefits....

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Shape of child’s brain affects learning

Jul 23, 2014 by

The anatomy of a child’s brain affects their cognitive control....

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TV can stall preschoolers’ cognitive development

Jul 22, 2014 by

There’s new evidence that TV exposure in preschool years can stall cognitive development....

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Major study of cell phones and children’s cognition

Jul 21, 2014 by

Scientists in the UK are now doing the largest study in the world on the effects of cell phones and other wireless technologies on children’s cognitive development....

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Omega-3s during pregnancy doesn’t affect cognition of child...

Jul 20, 2014 by

Taking Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy does not appear to improve the cognitive outcome of the child....

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